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Egypt in 2011. Post Arab Spring. Before the  election of Morsi.


A glance inside a culture over 5000 years old, from the coastal city of Alexandria, the big smoke of Cairo, to the desert climes of Luxor and Assuit.


It is an emotional 'retour aux sources' for Egyptian born Australian comedian Akmal Saleh, returning after a ten year absense after a fatwa on him was rescinded with the ousting of Hosni Mubarak.


For cinematographer Trevor Avedissian, Alexandria being the birthplace of his mother, this journey to Egypt was a carthartic experience, bringing to life images from his childhood.

During the month of Ramadan we saw religious festivals on a grand scale as well as local block partys and gatherings revealing a warm and hospitable people.

This 90 minute film is still in post production and doesnt have a release date yet.

One shot, one scene, from MASR, during the Coptic Christian festival in Assuit, 2011


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