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"Hear Us"

Reportage on the struggle local residents and those from the surrounding area engaged in to protest the CSG mining in their area.

Mullum Sovereign

A man refuses to comply with police in Mullumbimby

A man was stopped by police for not wearing a seat belt, driving an unregistered vehicle and refuses to comply with their orders, claiming to be a sovereign human person...

Wollumbin to Standing Rock

Solidarity message to Dakota

A message of solidarity and love from Wollumbin Australia to the Sioux Indians of North Dakota in their struggle against the pipeline through their sacred lands.

Captain Paul Watson

An interview with Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd

Interview with Captain Paul Watson from Sea Shepherd, not mincing words.


What they dont tell you

Interview with Professor Paul Connett on the dangers of fluoride.

Donna Mulhearn

Human Shield Iraq

Reportage piece on human shield Donna Mulhearn and her experience in Iraq.

Rebeka Phoenix

Performance Poetry

Performance poetry piece against the use of depleted uranium.

Mullum Woolies protest

in Mullumbimby

Lots of opposition to the installment of a Woolies in the little town of Mullumbimby, locals have their say...

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