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Australian 4WD Action

4WD O.T.Y. - 2008

4WD Action's 4WD of the year test, up the Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory.

Australian 4WD Action

Brooksy's custom Disco

4WD enthusiast custom Discoverer segment.

Australian 4WD Action

Custom Jeep

4WD enthusiast custom Jeep segment.

Australian 4WD Action

Custom Lexus

4WD enthusiast custom Lexus segment.

Australian 4WD Action

Gregory National Park

Travelling the outback with Roothy, through the wild and isolated Gregory National Park, Northern Territory.

Australian 4WD Action

Electric winch

This is how you winch yourself out of a bog or similar circumstances using an electric winch.

Australian 4WD Action

Shane's custom Troopy

4WD enthusiast custom Troop carrier segment.

Core Culture

Cyber Tech segment

Profile of gaming clan =S3= who were top of the North American ladders in the online competitive game of Tribes.

Australian 4WD Action

Solar Troopy

4WD enthusiast custom Troop carrier segment.


Featuring Jose Fernandes

1988, World Champion snowboarder Jose Fernandes produces one of the earliest snowboarding films, shot in Austria and New Zealand.


Swiss Surf Team promo

Filmed in Mauritius and Switzerland, featuring the Swiss Surfing Team.

Gravity Slaves segment


Snowboard film featuring Quiksilvers lineup of riders, filmed in USA and Switzerland.


Alp Fiction

Ski film featuring Swiss extreme skier Dominique Perret. Directed and edited by Didier Lafond.

Super Max


A novice student learns how to paraglide and makes all the mistakes in the world...

Verbier - Ski Bums

Back in the day...

Ski bum life in one of the best ski resorts in the world, Verbier, Switzerland...


Profile on World Champion snowboarder Bertrand Denervaud

Mild mannered but totally explosive is Berti, world champion in slalom, half pipe, boardercross and a free ride charger. He shares with us his philosophy on life.

Core Culture - Queen Mary

In Deep segment

Segment from the tv show Core Culture, on the Flowriding event held at the Queen Mary in California.

Australian Crust

Bluetorch segment for Fox Sports

Profile story on Australian motorcross riders, the Hall Brothers.

Dead Mans

Featuring Luke Stedman

Just north of Sydney Harbours North Head is a shallow rock shelf which fires up to 20 feet when the cyclone swells hit. Today Luke Stedman and his mates get a taste of this Pacific juice, served on the rocks....

Core Culture - Xeno Clan

Cyber Tech segment

The Xeno Clan were at the top of North America's rankings in online computer game competition in Quake 3 Tournaments

Core Culture - LAN Party

Cyber Tech segment

What is a LAN party you ask? Look no further...

Eat Your Street

Finding food where you least expect it

Paul Meloury and his Cockatoo explain the abundance of edible greens down the average suburban road.

Flowrider Part 1

An introduction to the new cross-over sport, Flowriding

What is Flowriding? How does it work? Which board sport is best suited to flowriding?

Flowrider Part 2

Taking a closer look

Who are the riders to watch on the Flowrider? Who is the best?

Seimens Mobile Wave Tour

Durban South Africa event

The South African leg of the Seimens World Flowriding Tour.

Marco Lutz profile

Professional snowboarder and film director

Profile on Swiss snowboarder and film director Marco Lutz featuring his first snowboard film, A Moments Notice.

Fix My Life

Pilot TV show

Pilot episode for TV show Fix My Life with Sharon Mitchell.

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