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Trevor Avedissian
Hillbrook Media
photo: Mark Shapiro

Trevor Avedissian aka Hillbrook Media provides a 'turn-key' content creation service for TV, cinema or web films.

Trevor brings over 30 years of film making experience to each new project, having evolved as a cinematographer from the early days of his career on super-8 and 16mm film, through electronic tape cameras to the current digital formats.

Trevor's experience in the craft of film editing has a similar evolution, from the novice hand-wound super-8 editors, to 16mm film flatbed tables, through linear electronic tape to tape decks, to the current non-linear digital softwares including FCP, Avid and Premier Pro.

As an independant film maker based out of the Swiss Alps for 20 years, the roles of producer and director were both a means to an end to providing a workflow as well as creating exciting projects and content for an adventurous and nature oriented lifestyle.


Over the years this has meant shooting adventure projects for sports documentaries, commercials and lifetyle TV programming across the mountain ranges of the world and other exotic locations and cultures.

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